Concerns have escalated from residents at a council housing block on Wandsworth Common, who say that unwanted buildings works are a risk to their security.

The non-essential building works started on July 27, despite residents voicing their displeasure. However, there are fresh concerns after two intruders were reportedly spotted on the scaffolding.

A resident reported that at midnight on Sunday, August 8, she saw at least two men taking photos of the inside of some of the block’s flats, which had open windows or drawn curtains.

She said: “It was a very scary moment, hopefully one that will not be repeated.”

Residents said police were called to the scene, who recommended security measures be taken, such as shining lights on the scaffolding at night, repairing locks on all damaged windows, and removing ladders at the end of the day.

Tenants have welcomed these suggestions, however, they say the Council is yet to implement them after 5 days.

They claim that leaving ladders makes the block a “playground for burglars” - connecting levels and flats and facilitating an easy escape. Furthermore, without lighting or cameras, they say suspects would not be able to identify potential intruders.

Residents also fear that with heatwave temperatures in full force, many more are sleeping with windows open.

This has also caused the police to treat the incident as one of potential voyeurism, not just burglary.

One resident commented:

“The recent weather has resulted in a number of us sleeping not only dressed for the weather but also with windows open. I have an eight-year-old daughter thrown in the mix so you can appreciate my concern.”

A spokesperson for Wandsworth Council has said:

“We’re aware of these reports and carrying out our own investigation, as well as liaising closely with residents and with the contractor to ensure the highest level of safety and security and address the concerns that have been raised here.”