The new school year is always a chance for fresh starts, but for 11-year-old Max Mcsweeney the decision to get a new hair-do was to bring hope to other kids.

In January, Max made up his mind to grow out his top knot, so that he could donate it to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that provides wigs for children battling with cancer.

Hair must reach a minimum of seven inches before it can be donated, which meant Max had to wait until Tuesday (September 2), before it could be chopped off.

“He was ready for the ponytail to go,” said his mum Amanda, from Garratt Lane.

“Over the last week or so he was getting a bit annoyed because people were confusing him for a girl, like at the uniform shop or at a café.”

Wandsworth Times:

Max, before the haircut

But Max had plenty of reason to keep going, as Amanda explained, their family has already been deeply affected by Cancer.

“One person that Max never got to meet was my little sister Rebecca, she lost the fight to Leukaemia when she was 2yrs old - she would be 34 now.

“Max has seen pictures of Rebecca and we speak a lot about her, and the treatments she went through. But one thing Max has mentioned is her losing her hair. I had to explain that back then there weren’t charities to help with children's wigs.”

Amanda was the one that held the scissors at the barbers, while Max waited eagerly in the chair.

Wandsworth Times:

Max's hair, which will be donated to the Little Princess Trust

The 11-year-old is now encouraging other young people to make the commitment.

“If you decide to do it you should because it’s going to a really good cause,” Max said.

He said his hair looks “very nice” now its shaved, although sometimes he still runs his fingers through and wonders where it’s gone.

You can donate to the Little Princess Trust through Max’s Just Giving page here: