A MAN devoured a plate the size of a 'toddler' in his own man vs food challenge this weekend.

For most of us the thought of 18 pies, 7 portions of mash and liquor would be too much to handle, but not for Max Stanford.

33-year-old Max, from Brixton, decided to set himself the epic challenge at M.Manze on Peckham High Street on Saturday.

The amateur competitive eater says he wanted to take on the 'traditional London challenge' at his childhood pie and mash shop.

Wandsworth Times:

Taking on more than 8000 calories at a whopping weight of 5kg, Max completed the excessive challenge in 43 minutes!

The challenge has helped him prepare for an official competition with the British Eating League next week.

Max Stanford said: "The challenge was one of the hardest I have ever done and one of the biggest.

"But it was helped by the fact that the pies were so tasty and I really wanted to push myself to eat all 18 and the 5kg of food!

Wandsworth Times:

"When it first came out I was surprised by how big it was.

"I was pretty apprehensive about whether I would be able to eat, but I just took it on and worked at a good pace."

He added: "I also had loads of people come in and cheer me on to encourage me.

"I got through the first 14 pies and half of the mash and liquor pretty quickly, in 20 minutes.

Wandsworth Times:

"But then I really hit the wall and thought I wouldn't be able to finish all the pies.

"I put on some vinegar and also got a diet coke and that really helped mix up the flavours and push through.

"The last four pies were such a struggle!"

Max is set to take on 100 Greggs sausage rolls in one sitting on September 18.

He is currently ranked number 2 on the British Eating League after taking on eight extreme challenges.

To keep up with Max visit his Instagram @maxvsfood_

You can watch his challenges at https://www.youtube.com/user/maxtstanford