A post on Wandsworth Council’s Twitter, suggesting residents should pack an emergency bag of supplies, has spread confusion amongst social media users.

Wandsworth Council tweeted the advice for a ‘grab-and-go-bag’ on Sunday (20 Sept), sparking a panicked reaction from hundreds of users who wondered about the context of the message.

“A #GrabBag is a bag full of emergency items in case you need to flee your home immediately without time to pack.”

“Some of the items that are suggested for the bag include a first aid kit, batteries, a whistle and a torch,” said the tweet.

The tweet worried some social media users, who asked if there was a deeper meaning.

One user said: “I'm actually really irritated by this. Why would we need to flee our home in Wandsworth? What are you anticipating? What emergency plan? Care to elaborate?”

Another user commented: “Do they know something we don’t?”

Wandsworth Council soon cleared up the confusion, explaining it was part of their preparedness campaign. 

“This is part of an annual national campaign, supported by many public bodies up and down the country, including councils, the NHS, police and fire services, and is aimed primarily at those in vulnerable situations who may need to leave their homes at a moment’s notice.

"This includes people living in a flood risk area, victims of domestic violence or those who may be affected by a gas leak or a power cut. This national campaign simply urges people to be prepared for sudden emergencies," said the Council. 

However, some people still raised concerns.

One user commented: “Great idea but perhaps could have read the room and considered the anxiety this could cause some. Could have been worded a bit better.”

While Tooting MP, Dr Rosena Allin-Kahn, weighed in on the debate, saying:

“In fairness to the Council it’s part of Preparedness Month, but without any context it seems like a zombie apocalypse is imminent. Think less ‘prepare for a zombie apocalypse’ and more ‘have you topped up your first aid kit recently?’”