Falcons School for Girls has commemorated the coronavirus pandemic - an unprecedented time of teaching and learning - by creating a time capsule. 

Pupils at the school in Woodbourough Rd, Putney, came up with the idea in the Summer Term, as a way of remembering the challenges of living through lockdown. 

Inside the capsule are Falcons tartan face masks, hand sanitiser and 1m and 2m pieces of string to represent social distancing 

There are also diary entries from lockdown, photos of Zoom lessons, newspaper articles, pasta and toilet roll. 

Students on the School Council took turns to put soil over the capsule, burying it in the Peregrines Garden. 

Wandsworth Times: Pupils at Falcons School for Girls bury time capsulePupils at Falcons School for Girls bury time capsule

Assistant Head, James Kelly, who led the project, said:

“The last academic year was certainly not one that any of us could have anticipated. We are proud of all our pupils – they took remote learning and virtual lessons in their stride and made fantastic academic progress.

 “While we may all be looking forward to things going back to normal, we wanted to formally recognise a time where our children had to adapt to a very different school life. A time capsule seemed like the perfect idea, allowing Falcons pupils in many years to come to reflect on what life was like for those who were at the school in 2020.”

Headmistress, Mrs Sara Williams-Ryan added:

“There was certainly a buzz in the school community when we came to bury the Falcons time capsule. We are grateful that we could honour such a significant period together, after what has been a very different year for us all.”