Unsuspecting residents were caught out yesterday when an exceptionally high spring tide flooded the Putney Embankment. 

Peaking at 4.15 pm on Sunday (October 18) cars, trees and nearby property were surrounded by water.

Wandsworth Times:

The nearby London Rowing Club saw water come all the way up to their boat sheds.

Wandsworth Times:

While a dingy was used as a ferry across the water spilling over the road and footpath.

Wandsworth Times:

The Government's flood information service issued an alert over the weekend warning that "flooding is possible".

"Flooding of low-lying roads and footpaths is expected, which may exist for one to two hours either side of high tide. Flooding of properties is not expected," the wesbite said.

As well as Putney Embankment (SW15), Chiswick Mall and Strand on the Green (W4) and Thames Bank at Mortlake (SW14) were amongst the areas at risk.