A London photographer has paid tribute to a fallen willow tree in King George’s Park, which was loved by locals.

Standing above the park’s lake for over 60 years, the tree collapsed in August 2020 – supposedly due to old age or strong winds.

Pete Edmunds, who regularly takes scenic shots of Wandsworth, captured a series of images before the tree fell.

Recently, two were published by Vogue Italia, ‘Tree of Life – Willow’ taken in May and ‘Swan Lake’ in June.

Mr Edmunds said the tree, and its large canopy, provided refuge for animals and humans alike.

“Since lockdown began, I've walked every day in the park and watched the cygnets grow from hatching-day to almost full-grown swans. So much of my time was spent on the bridge under the willow tree watching the swan family - along with many park-goers,” said the photographer.

Wandsworth Times: Swan Lake, by Pete EdmundsSwan Lake, by Pete Edmunds

His black and white photos are a dramatic reminder of the former willow.

“The fall of the tree took everyone by surprise - not least of all the swans who paddled towards the fallen tree looking baffled.”

“I hope this study - looking up through the branches into the broad willow canopy - brings back some wonderful memories of this majestic tree for the park-regulars,” said Mr Edmunds.