Wandsworth Council will spend £100,000 planting new trees over the next two years, in a bid to become the greenest inner London borough.

Currently, there are around 60,000 trees in parks, commons, streets and estates in the borough, with an extra 500 planted year.

But the Council is keen to do more, especially in light of the announcement of three more Green Flags in Wandsworth.

Wandsworth Common, Tooting Common and King George’s Park were added to the list of internationally recognised parks and green spaces earlier this month.

Cllr Rory O’Broin, cabinet member for finance, corporate resources and climate sustainability, said:

“The council’s commitment to tree planting in the borough is evident in our year on year spend to ensure that Wandsworth remains a green borough that is a pleasure to live and work in.

“Tree planting and development of green spaces are critical to our overall carbon reduction ambitions as we strive towards becoming a carbon-neutral organisation by 2030.”

Tree planting is a key component in the Wandsworth Environmental and Sustainability Strategy (WESS), which prioritises urban greening, encouraging biodiversity and protecting and enhancing green spaces.

Cllr Steffi Sutters, cabinet member for community services and open spaces, said:

“Wandsworth boasts some of the most beautiful green spaces in central London. Our substantial tree planting programme is critical to maintaining and growing those spaces so we can all continue to enjoy our lovely green borough.”