Good Morning Britain suffered major technical difficulties this morning as London reporter Sangeeta Kandolo got stuck on mute.

The hilarious blunder was made as the breakfast show cut to its round-up of local news. 

Sangeeta Kandolo was seen pointing around the screen, twiddling her pen and saying she couldn't hear anything before abruptly starting her report.

 The technical difficulties didn't stop there, as ITV then cut to the local report which led to the presenter being cut-off mid-sentence. 

Wandsworth Times:

Credit to ITV

As Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard cut to the local news, viewers saw Sangeeta awkwardly staring at the camera unsure of when to start her report.

Despite being unsure, she began her report before the sound suddenly returned mid-flow.

The gaffe-filled segment continued as once the show cut to the weather forecast, reporter James Wright was cut off mid-sentence.

Ben and Kate were unaware of the blunders and continued with the show as normal.