A PROUD mother has spoken of how her "bright" 11-year-old daughter, alerted her family, who then "worked together" to intervene in an attempted abduction in Mitcham.

In scenes which rocked the internet, a video of a man appearing to attempt to abduct a girl was shared a million times in a bid to bring him to justice.

The man in the footage is thought to be Kadian Nelson, who has since been charged with rape and kidnap.

He is accused of attempting to abduct the girl in the North Place area of Mitcham, on November 3.

Mother Christine, a key witness in the incident, told Wimbledon Times how herself and her three daughters; Zian 11, Ashanti 20, and Norrisa, 24, helped save the teenage girl.

Recalling the incident, Christine said: "Zian ( 11-years-old ), was on the way to school when she noticed a guy with his hands over a girls mouth.

"She called home and said, 'I think I just saw a girl get kidnapped by a guy'.

"So, I told Zian to continue walking onto the main road and that I would go outside the gate."

She continued: "As I went out to the gate, I could see somebody coming towards our road very fast.

"As he got closer I realised it was the young girl with the guy, so I called out, 'hello are you ok?'

But, I knew she wasn't ok, as by then, I could see he had a yellow glove over her mouth."

Christine then told Wimbledon Times that she questioned the man before she screamed and called the police.

In a joint effort to stop the apparent abduction, Christine called her daughter Ashanti, and the pair ran around the corner and into an alleyway.

It was then that Ashanti started to record a video, before her and her mother split up to stop the man.

The next few scenes saw Ashanti confronting the man, who was still with the girl, before Christine caught up and confronted him from behind the camera.

The police arrived and he fled towards Colliers Wood.

"I was just relieved to see that we had managed to get her off him, even though we didn't know exactly what had happened," Christine said.

"I feel good that she is safe, but I feel sick to know that a little girl was on her way to school and had to experience that.

"Zian was just three minutes behind her, It could have been my child," she said.

Speaking proudly of her youngest daughter, Christine said: "Had Zian not of made that phone call and carried on walking and got on her bus, we don't know what would've been.

"So we are trying to get the point across that, even if children see something, it might be nothing but it could be something.

"I know sometimes people are scared, but Zian was scared too and she still found that little thing in her to say let me phone and tell them."

Christine also praised her daughter Ashanti for her bravery and her other daughter, Norrisa (24-years-old ), for sharing the video online.

She added: "Norrisa shared the video and we got results.

"I wasn't expecting it to get as big as it did, but once our family see that something is unjust, we will go as far as it needs to go.

We didn't know whether he had a weapon on him, but we didn't care, as all we knew is that it was a child and that we needed to help her.

"And although everybody is saying we are heroes, for us, it was a natural thing for me to do as a mother, and something that I have taught my kids.

"I only hope and pray that if it was one of my girls, that somebody would do the same thing."

Christine received a phone call at around 7.30 am on November 5, to say a suspect had been charged.

She said: "I woke up the kids and told them that he had been charged and we all broke down.

"Because obviously, we put ourselves out there when I went to the gate, which was at my front door.

"I just want it to go further, so that the girl can get the justice that she deserves.

"We want to thank everybody for the love and the care- everybody working together has made this special even though its emotional.

"I would also like to thank everyone who has shown Zian care, its a lifting thing in a different way for her."

Members of the community have launched a fundraiser to provide a reward for the girls.

To donate, visit here.