An 86-year-old man is searching London for his long-lost love, whom he met at school over six decades ago.

Andy Jamieson dated Sally Giles in the 1950s when he attended college aged 14-18 in Kings Cross, London.

Though Mr Jamieson has forgotten the school’s name over time, his memory of his first girlfriend has never faded.

He fondly recalls rowing dates to Regent’s Park and the “magical feeling” of their first kiss.

Wandsworth Times: Andy Jameison in his youth Andy Jameison in his youth

However, the school sweethearts were forced to separate at 18, as Sally’s parents did not approve of the relationship, even writing to his father to try and break up the relationship.

In 1957 Mr Jamieson emigrated to Canada, and without phones, the pair lost touch.

Mr Jamieson says he has had a “very comfortable life” – he was happily married, had four daughters, and started his own travel business – yet a part of him still wonders about Sally Giles.

After his wife died in the Spring of 2015, he began to search for Sally, scouring the archives in Kew Gardens and South London libraries.

On a visit to London in 2017, he was interviewed on I.T.V’s evening programme, looking for his former red-haired girlfriend.

But his efforts have not yet come to fruition. Mr Jamieson believes that Sally may live in Tooting, and is attempting to find her one last time.

“I’m no Prince charming now myself but I would love to reconnect with her.”

“If she is still out there, l trust her life has been as full as mine. It would be great to hear of or from her,” he said.

Anyone able to help can contact Mr Jamieson at