A robotic dog that maps construction sites is being asked to go walkabout in Battersea Power Station.

A construction site’s best friend, the four-legged robot is wired to avoid obstacles and climb stairs – all whilst being controlled remotely.

Developed by robotics company Boston Dynamics, “Spot”, makes scans of building sites to ensure the works are sticking to budget and timeframe.

Architecture firm Foster + Partners, the developers of Battersea Power Station, are trialling Spot to monitor the progression of the £9bn Wandsworth project.

Whereas manual scans can be time-consuming, the robo-dog speeds up the process, carrying out missions designed by the team.

Wandsworth Times:

Partner at Foster + Partners, Martha Tsigkari, said:

“The ability of Spot to repeatedly and effortlessly complete routine scans, in an ever-changing environment was invaluable not only in terms of the consistency but also the large amount of high-quality data collected.

“Our scans can ensure that very quick and accurate changes to the newly designed system could be made to accommodate the differences captured by the scans – all in a matter of days. This could result in savings both in terms of time and money.”

Spot has also been set to work on the Foster + Partners campus in London, with its Autowalk function displaying how the space changes over time.