The community has raised over £5k to repair the house of a 94-year-old grandmother which was damaged in a fire in Earlsfield this week.

At around 4:45am on Monday (Nov 23) a woman known affectionately as 'Bubbles' was rescued from her ground floor flat in Penwith Road, SW18 by the London Fire Brigade.

A neighbour called the fire services after hearing an alarm and noticing smoke escape from the flat's letter box.

The Fire Brigade believe the cause was an electric blanket, which was folded and plugged in to the main and may have caused the heating filaments inside it to overheat and catch fire.

A spokesperson said: “The mid-terraced property was badly damaged by fire, heat and smoke, and is now believed to be uninhabitable.”

Now, Bubbles' neighbours and family are pulling together to redo the house while Bubbles recovers in hospital from carbon monoxide poisoning.

A Go Fund Me page was set up by Bubbles’ family yesterday (Nov 24), to cover the cost of a new bed and furniture as well as any cleaning that may need to be done.

The crowdfunder has already amassed over £5000, with well-wishers on social media offering to chip in and do house repairs.

Local business, Bathrooms At Source, offered to provide bathroom equipment, while others asked if they could donate furniture.

The 94-year-old’s granddaughter, Natalie, said:

“Nanny won’t be going back to that flat until we can make sure there is no trace of the fire as it would just break her heart, having lived there for over 70 years!”

“This year has been an awful one for many, nanny especially, in August she spent six weeks in hospital with a torn gall bladder, twisted bowel and pneumonia and had only recently started to ‘feel like myself again’ so this has been a major blow to her.

“It would be amazing to show her she has lots of support and that people really do care about her.”

You can donate to the fundraiser here.