Fly tipping has increased in the borough since March, as people spend more time indoors making home improvements.

However, some residents have complained that now the view outside their window resembles “a public dump.”

Peter Stewart, from Southfields, documented incidences of fly tipping on Smithwood Close estate from July to September 2020.

He says the problem comes from both residents and outsiders.

“People drive in to dump all manner of things – their sofas, fridges, boilers, wardrobes and mattresses,” he says.

Mr Stewart has complained to the Council, but is told each time to log flytipping on the Report It app or inform the Estate Services.

Mr Stewart says it is “tiresome” reporting litter on a weekly basis and that clearing it away every 72 hours will not solve the issue.

“The problem is inadequate facilities and careless residents. Ultimately this must come from better and more active enforcement,” he says.