The family of a 3-year-old boy are appealing to fellow Wandsworth residents to help with their son’s vital stem-cell treatment in Thailand.

Tiago Robles Possetto suffered a traumatic hypoxia brain injury at only 8 weeks old, which left him with a 1% chance of survival.

After spending 10 months in hospital Tiago, 3, beat the odds of survival.

Tiago, aged 3

Tiago, aged 3

However, he was left with cerebral palsy, a condition which prevents him from daily activities, such as walking and sitting unsupported.

Tiago is also visually impaired and has difficulty swallowing, so must eat through a feeding tube.

The family have teamed up with The Bradley Lowery foundation, a charity which fundraises for treatment not available on the NHS, to get Tiago to Beike Biotech Better Being Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.

Studies on cerebral palsy patients at the hospital showed encouraging improvement on spasticity, trunk and limb muscle strength, head control, range of movement and swallowing.

Over £15k has been raised for Tiego’s cause but the target still stand at £40k.

This would fund a 23-day treatment at Beike Biotech, flights and accommodation.

Silvia, Tiago’s mum, said:

“It would be a dream come true to give Tiago a chance to complete this treatment. As parents, we will never stop hoping that Tiago will be able to walk, talk, eat and enjoy a better lifestyle one day.”

Lynn Murphy, Head of communications and fundraising at The Bradley Lowery Foundation, said: “Tiago is a true warrior, and an inspiration to all at the Bradley Lowery Foundation. We are sure, that after the lockdown restrictions have been lifted, we will be able to help raise enough money for Tiego’s treatment at Beike Biotech.

For more information and to donate to Tiago’s cause, visit: