A campaign to improve lighting on Clapham Common has gained mass support in the wake of Sarah Everard’s tragic disappearance.

Residents are calling on Wandsworth and Lambeth Councils to provide more streetlights, after the 33-year-old marketing executive was understood to be abducted on her walk home from Clapham to Brixton at 9pm last Wednesday (March 3).

Within 72 hours, over 12,000 people had signed the online petition to maximise safety for women on the Common and surrounding areas after dark.

Sarah Everard is thought to have been abducted on her way home from Clapham

Sarah Everard is thought to have been abducted on her way home from Clapham

The petition states that outdoor spaces are a greater necessity for women living under lockdown, as for many female residents night-time is their only chance to leave the house for fresh air or exercise.

As of March 12, the petition had 20,000 signatures - a number that continues to rise steeply.

Co-founders of the movement, Ayesha Alibhai & Safiya Sayani, said that “the community had spoken.”

They added: “We are overwhelmed by the amount of support we’ve received from all of you so far and truly do believe we can make a change to the lack of lighting and our safety within Clapham Common.”

“Each and every signature we get will strengthen our chances of really being heard and making a change. So please, continue to share the petition. This one small change could make a huge impact."

A Lambeth Council spokesperson said: “The thoughts of the council and our communities are with the family and friends of Sarah Everard at this incredibly difficult and traumatic time.

“Lambeth Council is in close contact with the Met Police about the ongoing investigation, and are fully playing our role in supporting their efforts.

“It is understandable that this case has increased local women’s concerns about personal safety, and for some will have triggered memories of past trauma.

“We are working with the police on community reassurance and are currently reviewing if further local action needs undertaking, including in regard to lighting and CCTV. That includes work already underway to put extra lighting in at Clapham Common.”

A Wandsworth Council spokesperson added:

“This is a crime that has caused great shock and upset across the whole community, but we would like to reassure our residents that Wandsworth is one of the safest boroughs in inner London and our street lighting is of a very high standard.

“If people are concerned about the lighting on Clapham Common then improvements there would need to be carried out by Lambeth Council which looks after and manages the common in its entirety.”

You can find the petition here.