An elderly man with learning difficulties has been “viciously” attacked by a dog in Tooting.

73-year-old Raghu was on his morning walk on Friday 30, April when he was bitten suddenly by a dog at the entrance of Broadwalk Road entrance.

The dog “left a hole” in his upper thigh and “ripped his trousers to shreds” before its owner gained control of the animal and fled from the scene.

His niece, Hema, was at the house she shares with hear uncle near Broadwater Road when he entered in a state of shock.

“Raghu has learning difficulties so he couldn’t compute the pain. So he walked back to our house until the ambulances came.

“You can’t visualise how bad bite was. When we got him to the hospital, the doctors were even surprised at how severe the bite was.

“Apparently, it will take two-three months to heal,” she said.

According to eyewitness, the dog appeared to be a German Shepherd that was walked by a white male in his 30s.

It is thought the owner ran away towards Upper Tooting Rd.

The incident occurred at around at around 10:30am and the family are appealing to neighbours for doorbell footage, or for any information about the attack.

However, Hema said that the experience has been deeply “traumatic” for her elderly uncle.

“The long walk around the block was his daily exercise. Now, this nightmare will impact his ability to leave the house.

“He can’t get over it and keeps asking ‘why did it happen to me,’” she added.