A semi-permanent street kitchen in Wandsworth founded to champion sustainability in cooking has been awarded as a "pioneer" for green credentials in the industry.

Streetcube, the brainchild of Chef Pascal Gerard, won the 'Sustainability Pioneer' award at Ecovia's Sustainable Food Awards 2021 on Thursday (June 10).

The food pop-up's upcycled shipping containers have become a recognizable feature of Southside in Wandsworth and after years of hard work the staff who run them have seen their efforts recognized.

The project was commended for its innovative approach to combating the climate crisis by emphasizing sustainability sing a range of carbon-cutting measures.

Everything from organically grown produce that doesn't waste the soil it is grown in to the solar panels that power the street kitchens themselves is geared towards a sustainable ethos that saw the project awarded accordingly.

"The StreetCube project began with an idea to improve access to good food for all in busy city centres," Pascal said.

"What we mean by ‘good food’ is food which is healthier for people and planet. Zero pesticides, zero waste, zero plastic and food which is locally grown and nutritious.

"Soil is our biggest carbon sink, and yet we allow a myriad of different chemicals and pesticides to destroy it, and kill critical pollinators like bees.

"StreetCube was design to give chefs a professional platform to showcase a better food system, and to give everyone access to sustainable food," he added.

The award-winning chef advocates for "system change" when it comes to the food industry and wants to see a move away from profit and growth-driven practices in the industry.

"The entire ‘profit and growth’ mentality is what’s also pushing up the cost of property, and therefore only global chains can afford to trade in our cities and high-footfall spaces," Pascal pointed out.

"This is wrong, as chains only use their set ingredients, which they buy cheaply and staff are on shifts just to earn a low wage. We need dedicated owner / chefs who focus on quality and better health, and that’s what StreetCube gives them."

Consequently the project sees independent chefs who can prove the sustainability of their produce work with StreetCube to bring frequently phenomenal dishes to the streets of Wandsworth without the need for a bulky, carbon-intensive supply chain or practices that exacerbate the climate crisis.

StreetCube beat out tough competition from finalists from around the world, including All Good Organics (New Zealand), Gold&Green Foods (Finland), Loop by TerraCycle (USA), Nature's Path Foods (Canada), and Riverford Organic Farmers (UK).