A mother who struggled to carry her "deteriorating" son to hospital, is searching for the "guardian angel" who sprinted her child to an emergency department in south London.

Sarah Rughoonundon, of Mitcham, is hoping to track down the heroic stranger who dashed her 19-month old son to St Georges Hospital in Tooting.

Her son Jonah suffered from an anaphylactic reaction on Friday, June 18.

Sarah's husband was driving the pair to hospital when they became stuck in traffic just over 10 minutes away from the hospital at around 2pm.

"Because of traffic I had to jump out of the car (at Longley Road) and sprint the last bit," said Sarah.

"Jonah was deteriorating so fast, I just said to my husband it'd be quicker to run.

"I grabbed Jonah and our rucksack and we sprinted.

Wandsworth Times: JonahJonah

"Once we got onto Blackshaw Road he stopped crying and looked very zoned out.

"His face was completely swollen to a crazy extent.

"At that point, I thought I was going to lose him. We weren't far but I felt like I was going to collapse.

"I screamed as there was a guy wearing a suit ahead of us. He was tall and had long legs - that’s all I remember.

"He took Jonah so we could run really fast into St George's Hospital."

She added: "The reaction was most probably to peanut butter. He's had it before and had tested negative for an allergy. So, it was utterly terrifying. I've re-lived it a lot.

“Fortunately, his response to adrenaline was good. He's absolutely fine now and we have EpiPens.

Wandsworth Times: St Georges Hospital St Georges Hospital

"We have a follow up at allergy clinic in a week or so, so will find out more then.

"I just really want to find the man who helped us to say thank you.

"At the time I barely looked at him when he left us in hospital as we were rushed through.

"But I would love the chance to let him know Jonah is fine and he really made such a difference in getting him into hospital so fast.

"He was our guardian angel. I will forever be grateful to him."

If you have any information contact Sarah Rughoonundon on Facebook here.

Alternatively, you can contact us at monica.charsley@newsquest.co.uk.