A WOMAN from Tooting kicked and spat at police officers after guzzling down free wine in the hospitality section at the Wimbledon tennis championships, a court has heard.

Laura Pannett, a sales executive at the Royal Albert Hall, was "highly intoxicated" when she attacked two police officers after becoming drunk at The All Lawn Tennis club on June 29.

The Evening Standard reported that Pannett, 27, tried to punch a police officer and then kneed the officer in the groin after she checked to see if Pannett was ok during routine patrols.

Pannett then spat on the police officer and kicked a second officer as she was being taken into custody at Wandsworth Police Station.

On July 16, a tearful Pannett appeared at Wimbledon Magistrates Court to plead guilty to the attacks.

Asked if she could recall spitting at the PC, Pannett replied: “I can’t remember that either, I’m really sorry about that.”

Wandsworth Times: PAPA

The Evening Standard reported that Pannett was sentenced to a 12-month community order with 150 hours of community service.

Prosecutor George Crivelli said Pannett, who has a conviction from 2019 for battery and criminal damage, admitted in interview having “far too much” wine, adding: “I’m really sorry if I’ve hurt someone.”

Mr Crivelli said: “She was heavily intoxicated, throwing her bag and possessions to the ground.

“Concerned for her welfare, they ( the officers ) went to assist and she said she wanted to use the toilet. They showed her the way to the portable toilets in the park opposite.

“When she reappeared, she instantly became aggressive towards PC Teixeira by raising her arms and trying to punch and kick her."

Her lawyer said: "She was in the hospitality section at Wimbledon, the drinks were being topped up, and she mentally doesn’t know how much she was drinking.

“She is very ashamed and embarrassed at her actions.

“She was drunk to the point where she couldn’t remember what her actions were, but she accepted the police officers’ version of events.”

Pannett’s manager at the Royal Albert Hall is aware of the charges and offered a character reference, describing the assaults as “out of character”.

PC Anderson, one of the officers who was attacked, said in a statement to the court “I didn’t expect to come to work to be assaulted – our sole intention was to assist Laura to get home safely.

“She has had too much alcohol, causing her behaviour to become intolerable.”

Pannett has pleaded guilty to two counts of assault by beating of an emergency worker.

She has also been ordered to pay a total of £250 compensation and £180 in court costs and fees.