Been overcharged at a supermarket? Overlooked in a relative’s will? Sold faulty goods? Threatened by being left penniless after a divorce?

A new book by a Richmond judge – who was once a lawyer to the infamous Krays brother criminals – teaches the average reader how to avoid messy legal disputes.

“The Return of Breaking Law” is a legal DIY guide that helps members of the public take action and draw up documents themselves.

Author Stephen Gold shares his expertise, from “no fault” divorce laws and cohabitation agreements, to financial settlement and no sex marriage agreements.

Mr Gold was a permanent civil and family judge based in Kingston for 21 years followed, and then a part-time judge.

The 760-page book runs through how to behave in court, including how to cross-examine in a hearing – for those that can’t afford hefty lawyer fees.

Mr Gold’s advice is illuminated by tales of his own legal disputes.

One noteworthy account details his time as a lawyer to notorious East End gangsters, Ronny and Reggie Kray.

Mr Gold describes how Ronnie’s brain was removed after his death without the family’s knowledge.

Full of templates, the legal guide provides letters for success in various court cases and legal disputes.

Broadcaster and writer, Piers Morgan, gave the book a glowing review.

He said: “Breaking Law is an amusing, entertaining, and incredibly useful book explaining how to make the law work for you, not against you. If you’ve ever wondered what a judge would say about any legal predicament you find yourself in, well here’s the answer!”

You can purchase the book here.