New parking restrictions for match days at AFC Wimbledon's new stadium have been announced following a backlash from residents concerned over the impact on parking and noise in the area.

Wandsworth Council published a new statement on Friday (August 6) announcing it would enforce temporary parking restrictions on match days at the stadium, which sits on the border of Wandsworth and Merton boroughs, from October 1.

The move came after a vocal backlash from residents who said the new stadium and additional buildings would exacerbate existing noise and traffic problems in their neighbourhoods.

Wandsworth Council said they had taken the decision "following feedback from local residents" and a survey of some 5,500 people living in Wandsworth.

The council statement read:

"The council is to make changes to the proposed parking controls in the areas surrounding the new Wimbledon Stadium development in Plough Lane. Restrictions are needed to protect residents’ parking provision on the Wandsworth side of the borough boundary. Following feedback from local residents the council will introduce additional match / event Day Only restrictions to three existing controlled parking zones (CPZ) in Earlsfield, Garratt Green and Tooting. These will effectively extend the CPZ restrictions to 9.30am – 9.30pm within the original proposed area, but will now operate on match / event Days only."

The new 9,300-capacity Plough Lane Stadium, that has a 20,000-capacity option.

One of the Earlsfield residents who previously spoke out against the plans was 41-year-old father of four, Samir Kab: "This is without the stadium and we are already struggling with the noise, because of the police station. We are not happy with this because we already are struggling to find spaces," he said.

Earlsfield resident Peter Smith added: "I don’t think I’d move but it will just be irritating with the extra traffic and maybe if I went out I wouldn’t be able to come and get a space back.

"Noise is not going to be good and if [fans] have had a few beers, it would be louder."

Wandsworth Council's latest proposals announced Friday seek to quell those concerns. However, the council added that initial proposals for a seven-day per week 9.30am – 9.30pm restrictions have been changed "following further responses from residents and businesses".

The new parking measures will come into effect on an "experimental basis" from October 1 and will apply on match / event days held at the new stadium after that date.

The council’s transport spokesman Cllr John Locker said: We are really keen to help local residents and protect them from the impact of a new 9,500 spectator stadium opening on their doorstep.

"I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has been in touch to tell us their preference for parking controls.

After listening to local residents it made sense to amend the experimental scheme now rather than wait until after it was launched. We will monitor the Match Day only controls and continue to be flexible in order to get the balance right and a scheme that works for local people."