A husband has launched a desperate appeal in a bid to get his wife back to the UK after she suffered a stroke whilst on a visit to India during lockdown.

Sami Flew and his wife Seema, of Battersea, were on holiday in India when the country was forced to go into lockdown in July 2021.

Whilst on their stay, Seema suffered from two unexpected strokes which has left the family struggling to pay her mounting medical bills abroad.

Her husband Sami said their medical insurance quickly ran out and the family are currently spending over £1000 a day on treatment.

Sami is hoping to raise £80,000 to help bring his wife back home so she can continue her treatment.

Wandsworth Times: Fundraiser launched to bring Battersea woman home Fundraiser launched to bring Battersea woman home

He wrote on Go Fund Me: "Seema and I were unexpectedly caught up in the Covid lockdown in India whilst on a visit to Hyderabad.

"We avoided Covid but on the 14th of July, without any warning symptoms, Seema was rushed to hospital having had a stroke.

"Far from home and any family support my world was turned upside.

"Seema had a second stroke four days later damaging the right side of her brain, affecting the left side of her body.

"She is currently on a ventilator and whilst the hospital in Hyderabad is providing good care, I have found myself in significant financial difficulty.

"Unlike our NHS, Indian hospitals will stop treating patients who cannot pay which is very frightening.

"Getting her home is financially a daunting task which could cost as much as £80,000 due to the specialist care she will need on the journey.

"Family and friends are trying to help me keep up with the rapidly rising hospital bills but we know that we can’t keep up or get Seema home without help.

"Thank you for anything you are able to donate I am truly grateful."

Donations reached £15,628 at the time of publishing.

To donate visit here.