Families in South London are fuming about overflowing recycling bins that haven’t been collected.

It comes as locals on the Lennox Estate near Putney are “disappointed” with the service Wandsworth Council provide when taking away bins.

There is so much rubbish it has been piled up around the bins in bags.

Local resident Tony Arthur told The Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS): “The bins were supposed to be collected last Thursday (August 19) but have not been picked up so far.

“It’s mainly because a shortage of crews and Covid guidelines I think. My criticism of the council is it lets the problem carry on.”

Wandsworth Times: Overflowing rubbish on the estate.Overflowing rubbish on the estate.

The 58-year-old added: “We have asked for support to get the bins better positioned on the estate.

“I’m very disappointed with the council’s customer service because I have been told different days that the recycling will be picked up.

“Leaving the bins like this takes away the cleaners from their daily duties to make the area clean.”

Tony estimates there are 25 recycling bins for about 600 homes on the estate.

Wandsworth Council has been contacted for comment.