Don't be alarmed, they are not searchlights scanning for enemy bombers. On the contrary, they have a much happier purpose.

A new installation that marks another chapter in the redevelopment of Nine Elms will illuminate the night sky in Battersea in much the same way, and do much more besides.

The 'Line of Light' installation that's coming to Battersea at the end of October seeks to illuminate both the night sky and London's two newest tube stops at once following the historic opening of two new London Underground stations at Battersea Power Station and Nine Elms.

Described as a "festival" by Nine Elms London, the installation will follow the 3.2 kilometres of tunnels that run between the two stations and Kennington, "projecting their underground course into the sky, also illuminating the stations and buildings along the way with visual projections".

The lightshow is the work of Australian Artists Projection Teknik, who will use a a 'daisy-chain of high-density beams' to paint the route of the tunnels onto the sky. Buildings along the route will be illuminated by projections inspired by themes of "connectivity" and "togetherness".

An accompanying suite of soundscapes created by artists from the area with Lead Artist Sam Jones of SoundThread will add a specially commissioned ‘album’ for Battersea and Nine Elms.

And on top of all this, Violinist Emma Smith will interpret Battersea-based artists music into an accompanying string arrangement, while two free festival hubs at New Union Square and Nine Elms Station, running from 4pm to 9pm, will creative the festival atmosphere proper with a series of free performances.

The installation has the backing of both Wandsworth and Lambeth Councils, whose representatives both expressed their joy at helping back the festival.

"The opening of the Northern Line extension gives us a great opportunity to reflect on the new connections this brings to the communities living along the route, both new and old. The Line of Light festival is a fantastic way for our diverse communities to come together to explore their neighbourhoods, and highlight what they have to offer, through a spectacular celebration of light and sound, where local voices can be heard," Lambeth Cabinet Member for Equalities and Culture Sonia Winifred said.

Wandsworth Councillor Steffi Sutters concurred. "The Line of Light festival will be a landmark celebration of the historic opening of the Northern line extension which is a complete game-changer for this part of Battersea and Nine Elms. I’m thrilled Wandsworth Council is presenting this innovative light festival along the route of the tunnels and would like to thank our committed local partners, neighbouring boroughs and TfL for their support in helping us highlight this new transport connection and what it means for the area. It’s a great example of how we can strengthen and build new connections between our diverse communities – old and new," she said.

The installation will appear from 6.30pm – 10pm on October 29 and 30, with additional free daytime activities taking place at two festival hubs at New Union Square and a second near the new Nine Elms station.

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