Visitors to Clapham Common today (Monday, November 1) can warm their hands on free coffee courtesy of an oat milk producer.

Glebe Farm, who make 'barista'-style oat milk and are eager to tout the environmental benefits of the milk ahead of its dairy equivalents, are teaming up with Common Ground cafe for the offer on what is officially World Vegan Day.

The cafe as such is handing out free coffees to everyone who wants one featuring the farm's oat milk all Monday amid a sharper focus on the climate crisis during the UK-hosted COP26 climate summit in Glasgow at the moment.

"To mark World Vegan Day, British oat milk producer Glebe Farm will be giving away complimentary coffees, made with its popular oat milk, PureOaty, for one day only. Available to all, simply swing by Common Ground, located in the heart of Clapham Common, and grab a PureOaty coffee of your choice on 1st November," a spokesperson said.

"Whether you’re an oat milk aficionado or new to the world of milk alternatives, World Vegan Day is the perfect opportunity to take your coffee with a delicious plant-based twist. Located on the West side of Clapham Common, Common Ground will be open from 9am - 6pm to brighten up the day, for your morning coffee fix or an afternoon pick-me-up."

World Vegan Day seeks to point out the ethical and environmental reasons many people turn away from animal products, and highlight the benefits doing so.

It arrives this year alongside key negotiations at COP26 that, ahead of individual consumer choices, is set to have a much larger impact on whether the climate crisis is addressed with the urgency climate scientists point out is now needed to avert its most severe impacts.