Kids learnt some sought after coding skills at a special Halloween event at Putney Library this weekend (October 30).

The scheme is run by Code Ninjas and enrols kids aged 7-14 in a programme that helps teach them some entry-level computer coding skills used in computer science the world over.

The Putney venture was launched by Sangita and Alok Pandey, with their daughter Shivantika running operations as the coding studio manager.

"The event went amazingly well. We had a great turnout and the kids all had a brilliant time, completing our Halloween-themed challenges and taking part in our spooky games," Shivantika said. "After such a positive reaction, I’m so excited for what the future has in store. We want to thank all of the wonderful families and friends who popped in to wish us well – despite the awful weather! We’re over the moon with the incredible feedback we’ve received and are all so proud that we’re able to bring the community together at this central hub. The library is at the heart of Putney so we’re very excited that we’re located here," she added.

The free-to-attend event welcomed families from across Putney to the library where the kids got to grips with the Code Ninjas programme that teaches basic coding in an accessible way by having them build their own video game.

As Sangita pointed out, the skills learnt at the programme could well prove useful in later life, not least at a time when STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are much sought after and needed.

"At Code Ninjas, we want our kids to develop a real passion for technology, so while the programme is loads of fun, it is also very educational. They are learning the language of the future – we want to give kids a gift that lasts a lifetime. I’ve worked in the technology sector for a number of years and so truly believe that technological education is the future. Learning about computers at such a young age is crucial because it helps build the vital foundations for future success," she said.

One budding ninja – the name given to students – reportedly left a note for the Code Ninjas team on her way out of the door, simply saying, "I loved how you could learn and play at the same time."

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