Ms Galaxy finalist Natisia McGlashan has said that despite controversy, she finds pageants “liberating”.

Natisia McGlashan, 32, took part in the final of the Ms Galaxy pageant this weekend.

Natisia lives in Wandsworth, which has been her home for over 20 years.

She is a single mum of two to Le’Shante aged 11 and Marvin aged three.

The pageant consisted of multiple fashion runways, including swimwear, sparkling dresses and evening gowns.

Natisia said: “This was my first year competing and out of 20,000 people that signed up, I made it through to the final.”

Natisia and the other contestants had to prepare and perform a dance routine to the audience.

Natisia added: “It was a crazy night because you only had five minutes to get ready into each outfit.

“It was an extremely quick turn over, but it was so enjoyable.”

Although Natisia shared with the Wandsworth Times that she had “shy tendencies”, she overcame the nerves and made an all-out-effort on the night.

She added: “When I was younger, I was really shy.

“I still have shy tendencies, but when I was on stage, the adrenaline kept me going and I just wanted to win.”

Although pageants can stem controversial opinions, Natisia shared that the experience was “liberating” and can “open new doors to new careers”.

She explained: “I believe being thrown into difficult situations can strengthen your resilience.

“The pageants can help you develop your walk smile and even how you talk.

“They can also open new doors to new careers.

“I’m all about female empowerment, and the pageant itself is very liberating.”

Natisia has accomplished two university degrees, one in International Business and one in Law.

She told the Wandsworth Times that she’ll be back “more ready than ever” for the competition in 2022.

Natisia said: “The greatest thing about competing for the first time is you can see what you need to approve on for the next go

“I’ll be applying next year for sure, and I’ll make sure I’m ready.”

Ms Galaxy is one of the many competitions run by United Kingdom Galaxy pageants.

The competition brings together women across the UK and entails an evening of design, glamour, fashion and forming friendships.