Brixton is home to some of the quirkiest and coolest restaurants in London.

It’s also home to some delicious vegan goodness.

Whether you’re halfway through your Veganuary experience, or just fancy switching up your meals for something plant based, Brixton is the place to visit.

From dining below Van Goughs Starry Night painting, to devouring a BBQ stacked burger, there seems to be a lot of great experiences to try in Brixton this Veganuary.

Here are five of the top vegan restaurants to visit in Brixton, according to TripAdvisor reviewers.

Pipoca Vegan

Location: 224 Brixton Road, London SW9 6AH England

Wandsworth Times:

This urban themed cafe is home to plant-based galettes, crepes & other light fare, plus coffee.

One reviewer said: “Delicious Crepes.

“Myself (vegan) and 3 of my friends (non-vegan) visited here on a whim and it was a great spot.

“Delicious savoury pancakes (will definitely be back for the sweet options) and just a lovely spot about 20 min walk from Vauxhall station.”

Another said: “Great, local vegan place.

“I love Pipoca.

“Their pancakes and feijoada are delicious.

Claudia is a great host and the staff are friendly and helpful, finding whatever you are looking for.

“The chocolate cashews are heavenly.

“The plants for sale are lovely too but sadly we have no more room in the flat.”

Café Van Gough

Location: 88 Brixton Road Christ church, London SW9 6BE England

Wandsworth Times:

Café Van Gough is a 100% vegan, non-profit restaurant with an highlighting work placements and training to adults with learning difficulties.

A reviewer said: “Every Vegan in London needs to go here, it is an amazing place.

“The staff were so welcoming and friendly from the moment we walked in - the chef even came to our table to ask my boyfriend his name so they could all sing Happy Birthday to him (with a slice of cake!) at the end of our meal.

“The food was amazing.

“So much variety, and lots of different options to what you generically see at Vegan restaurants.

“The food will definitely please vegans & non-vegans alike.

“Atmosphere was fantastic.

“The cutest little restaurant with lovely lighting for a romantic evening meal.

“Of course, the Van Gogh theme adds to the atmosphere - try and get a table upstairs under their ‘Starry Night’ if you can.

“I cannot wait to go back here.”

Eat of Eden

Location: Coldharbour Lane Unit 4, Brixton Village, London SW9 8PS England

Eat of Eden is full of plant based cuisines with a variety of flavours to choose from – including burgers, patties, and soups.

One reviewer said “The food is amazing and there is so many delicious dishes.”

Another said: “The food is always delicious.

“I have had take aways from Eat of Eden at least 6 times and have no complaints at all.

“The food is plentiful and nutritious and the staff are polite and helpful.”

Kata Kata

Location: 132 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1RS England

Wandsworth Times:

Kata Kata represents all types of cultures and characters, with meals available that supports a healthy lifestyle.

A reviewer said it has the “best lunch in Brixton”

The reviewer added: “Today I went to Kata Kata for the second time this month, I just can’t keep away.

“It is the most welcoming place, with a lovely owner and DELICIOUS food.

“I have had the Red Goat Galette both times, but my friend had the asparagus and spinach one and loved it.

“Comes with a yummy fresh salad including raw grated ginger which is totally delicious.

“Great coffee and juices too.

“The two of us had coffees juices and galettes and it came to only £20.

“Go, you won’t regret it.”

Halo Burger

Location: Pop Brixton 49 Brixton Station Road Pop Brixton, Brixton SW9 8PQ England

Wandsworth Times:

Halo Burger is the ultimate junk food restaurants for vegans, with mouth-watering burger flavours and tasty sides.

One reviewer said: “I had a nostalgic burger experience.

“Hands down, the best burgers I've ever had (including before I went vegan).

“Despite not being a BBQ sauce fan, the Smoky Carolina BBQ Burger is my new favourite.

“Fries taste just like McDonald's, and don't get me started on the milkshakes... 10/10 would recommend.”

Another claims they have the “best burgers in the world”.

Another reviewer said: “The flavours and textures are spot on.

“For me the portion size was also perfect and the packaging is designed really well.

“I also love the location of Halo Burger.”