Parents and carers have been asked by police to dissuade their children from attending a giant water fight on April Fools day.

The water fight was organised for Friday April 1 outside Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth.

News of the event was spread via social media to schools across Merton and Wandsworth.

A dispersal order has been authorised for the area until 9pm Friday meaning that groups of two or more may be asked to leave.

With temperatures dropping between 9 and -1 degrees tomorrow, it might not be the finest weather for this kind of event.

Officers from the South West Youth Engagement Team say that there will be an increased police presence at the centre to try and deter the children.

Body cameras and CCTV footage will be used to identify any offenders, but the police say that preventing children attending in the first place would be the best course of action.

Police are reminding people that throwing water can be considered assault or cause criminal damage.

A South West Youth Engagement Team member from Wimbledon Police Station said: “We would ask parents, carers, and schools to dissuade children from attending the venue and avoid getting involved in any such activity.

“Water fights, although sounding innocent enough and sounding fun, often turn into violence with children being injured.

“They also attract people who wish to harm or rob children as the perpetrators of these crimes know that there will be a large gathering of potential victims.

“Please also remind your children that a water fight may be an offence under the public order act and that throwing water at somebody can be assault or cause criminal damage.”