Beauty and fashion photographer Amanda Akokhia will be hosting a fundraising dinner and exhibition of her work in Battersea.

Her latest project, “Mirror Mirror on the wall” will be displayed at the Fiume Restaurant in Battersea on Tuesday to celebrate Face Equality Week 2022.

Amanda said that she noticed a lack of people with disabilities and visible differences in advertising and wanted to create a project that better reflects society.

She said: “Diversity and inclusivity of all people have always been the bedrock of my work.

“This is a topic that is very close to my heart as my younger brother has disabilities and I want a world where he can be seen as well.

“As a photographer who shoots major beauty and fashion campaigns, I noticed a lack of people with disabilities and visible differences in advertising, which I believe isn't reflective of society as a whole.

“I believe that being seen shouldn’t be a privilege and representation enables a more positive and healthier human experience for all.”

Amanda is the owner of Green Studios London and has over 11 years of experience in the photography field.

The evening will include a panel discussion with the photographer, Models, MOD Ambassadors and Industry experts who will be discussing inclusion and representation in the industry.

Amanda will also be fundraising for Models of Diversity, a registered charity established by ex-model and campaigner Angel Sinclair.

The charity is dedicated to broadening the modelling, beauty and media industry and making it more available to "the people that we don’t often see on our Instagram feeds, billboards, TV ads and runways".

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