Two eight-year-old best friends from Wandsworth are due to begin training with Fulham Football Club, after they were recently signed to the premier league team.

Alexander Josephs and Isaac Ekoku both began their football journey when they met at Lambeth Tigers Football Club at six-years-old.

The duo then swiftly moved on to Sutton United where they played and trained together for two years.

Alexander, who attends Rutherford House School in Balham and Isaac, who attends Hillbrook School in Tooting then transferred to high profile team Crystal Palace and were offered to sign with the club.

Wandsworth Times: images: Drew Jones images: Drew Jones

Alexanders dad, Drew Jones, says the two boys had trials at Fulham and other premium football teams such as Chelsea and Wimbledon, but as both families were from the Wandsworth borough, Fulham Football Club was the best club for both boys to sign to.

Drew told the Wandsworth Times: “Obviously I’m proud because this is the actual beginning of them becoming professional football players.

“It’s been three years of hard work and travelling all over the country.

“The boys play three to five times a week – so it hasn’t been easy.

“Their future looks good, it’s kind of similar to the big stars who have worked their way up through the ranks.”

Although Isaac and Alexander are dedicated to becoming professional footballers, Drew says education is the most important thing and wants to ensure their studies are not affected.

Wandsworth Times: images: Drew Jonesimages: Drew Jones

Drew said: “Both boys have been training since the age of six, so they’re used to balancing football with their school work.

“As they’re signed players, the football club will have to visit the school and evaluate their work to see if they need any support.

“Education has always been the first thing for Alexander – we had to look at the bigger picture and make sure their studies were the first priority.”

The official documents have been signed and the duo are ready to begin their training with Fulham, and Drew says the final step of the process is to receive a call from the FA confirming what team Isaac and Alexander are playing for.

Isaac’s dad, Daniel, says he is “so proud” of his son for signing to a professional football club with such a high status.

Wandsworth Times: images: Drew Jonesimages: Drew Jones

Daniel added: “He is playing at the highest level possible for an eight-year-old and I’m so proud that he can do something he loves.”

Drew says the boys begin training in July with coaches who trained professional footballer Fabio Carvalho.

Drew added: “It’s looking good – it’s currently tournament time and they’ll soon begin training.

“Alexander see’s the older players sponsored by massive brands like Adidas and Puma, and he often says ‘that could be me in five years’ time’ “Alexander could change his mind and decide not to play anymore – so I take every year as it comes.

“They’re doing so amazing, but I can’t live my dream through him – he has to want to be a star himself.

“We hope Alexander can inspire others from the Wandsworth Borough believe in their dreams.”

Wandsworth Times: Images: Drew JonesImages: Drew Jones

Eight-year-old Alexander told the Wandsworth Times that he hopes to “follow in the footsteps of players like Fabio Carvalho, Harvey Elliott and Ryan Sessegnon.”

Isaac – Alexander’s best friend and fellow footballer - says he is excited to play against London rivals like arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, his prior team Crystal Palace, and the team he currently supports - Liverpool.

Fulham FC have been approached for comment.