A woman from Clapham, south-west London, has been forced to cancel her trip to East Grinstead due to the rail strikes across the UK.

Susan Millson, 69, said the rail strikes are “outrageous” and “awful” as she was forced to cancel her trip to see her sister for the day.

Speaking to the PA news agency at Clapham Junction station, Ms Millson said she had hoped that a train to East Grinstead might be running so she came to the station only to discover the services had been affected by the industrial action.

Asked if she would find an alternative means of travel, she said: “It’s not worth it.

“By the time you get there, you’ve got to think about getting back and who knows what is going to happen tomorrow.

“I know there isn’t a strike but it’s going to have a knock-on effect.”

On how she feels about her day being ruined, she said: “I just think it’s outrageous that there is no give and take between the unions and the Government.

“No one is giving any leeway at the moment, it’s awful, it’s just awful.

“It’s a nice day as well.

“No one can afford to strike at the moment the way the country is, it’s awful and now we’ve got this.”

Clapham Junction station in southwest London has been left eerily empty after rush hour.

Wandsworth Times: A general view of an empty platform at Clapham Junction station in south-west London (images: PAMedia)A general view of an empty platform at Clapham Junction station in south-west London (images: PAMedia)

Platforms at what is usually one of the busiest commuter hubs in the UK were quiet by 9:30 as a small number of travellers boarded the limited number of services.

Only trains on branches to Windsor or Southampton are running from Clapham Junction and at reduced times.

A handful of trains to stations like Dalston Junction and Stratford were cancelled while some trains to stations like Brighton were delayed.

Two commuters could be heard angrily talking on their phones about the “f****** rail strikes” as they waited for buses outside the station.