At its new home in Southside Shopping centre, Climate Hub Wandsworth is bringing people together to fight climate change.

According to the group, the extreme weather we are experiencing is "more than just a heatwave". 

The hub shares the new space with the like minded CREW Energy - an organisation offering energy advice and talks in the area.

It is part of more than 40 Climate Emergency Centres across the country.

These are places where people and groups concerned with tackling global warming can meet, make plans, exchange ideas and hold events.

It was set up in 2019 after a 10,000 strong petition prompted Wandsworth Council to declare a climate emergency.

Glyn Goodwin is a winner of the Mayor's award for tackling climate change, and part of the organisation's core team.

He said “It's about getting the information out to the public.

"There’s still a lack of awareness of how bad the situation is.

“There’s loads and loads of them, addressing every aspect of modern day life.

"We’re not going to get anywhere unless we cut emissions. That’s an international decision, but the answers lie at a local level.

"There’s things we can all do, involving shopping, travelling, building insulation, energy.

"There are multiple answers, even down to biodiversity.

"It's not just one crisis, it's a whole series of intersecting crises.”

The hub's ambitions, education, community, hope, solutions and support are written largely above the doorway.

Goodwin added: “It's too late to prevent a lot of things happening.

"David King [former Government Chief Scientific Advisor] has already taught of it being too late for entire countries like South Vietnam, which will become waterlogged.

"The thing is to limit warming.”

“We need to go faster and just really crack on.

"That involves systemic change, which is the difficult bit.”

Goodwin said that the Council is now working with the hub more than ever before.

In a YouTube video, Cllr Judi Gasser sings the charity’s praises and pledges for Wandsworth to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Goodwin said: “They’re much more aware of the problems of air pollution.

"We have the WESS - Wandsworth Environment and Sustainability Strategy.

"They’re engaging more. I’m hoping we can get somewhere faster.”

In May it ran a community engagement evening for representatives from community, ecological and religious groups.

They were invited to imagine the Wandsworth of the future and how the hub can fit into that vision.

Other events at the hub have included an exhibition called Plastic Free, creative workshops and various environmental film screenings.

In September, Isabel Losada, author of The Joyful Environmentalist, will be giving a talk and there are plans for an exhibition asking ‘What is climate emergency, why should I care and what can we do about it?’

Goodwin is urging people to get together and tackle climate change before it's too late.

He sid: “We’ve already seen records broken in the UK. London is one of the worst affected places.

"It's going to be six degrees above average at some stage.

"It's very badly affected because of the urban heat effect.

“This is a crucial area that people need to engage in.

"I would really encourage people to get in touch with us and engage with all the community groups.

"We’ve made a map which we need to populate with the entirety of Wandsworth.

"Come in and talk to us. Use the space.

"It's a space for community. We want loads of people to come in and build this thing.

"The council can’t solve it. It's the people of Wandsworth that are going to be able to solve it for Wandsworth.

"It's very localised actions.

"Please get in touch with us and make your mark at the hub.”