A new Itsu restaurant is opening in Putney and offering a free lunch to its first 400 visitors.

Itsu’s newest resultant will be located at a former bank close on the High Street close to Putney station.

The restaurant brand says the new site “will offer commuters and residents alike a delicious range of hot and cold choices to pick up on their way home from work or dine-in with their families as an affordable meal option for lunch and dinner”.


The restaurant is to open fully to the public at 11am on Friday, October 14, but is hosting a lunch giveaway on October 13 from 12pm for the first 400 visitors.

Itsu's menu offers hot noodle and rice bowls, fresh sushi and salads as well as their signature steamed gyoza and bao buns.

There is also a new range of vegan stir-fry style noodles and jumbo sushi prawns.

The company says that the majority of dishes are under 500 calories and cost less than £7.50.

Drinks include kombucha and green tea and you can also purchase water flasks with a percentage of sales going to the Blue Marine Foundation.

If you prefer to eat at home, all dishes can be delivered, offering a “healthy and affordable” option to the Putney food delivery scene.

The digital ordering screens have been designed for “quick service” and can allow customers to customize their hot dishes and check nutritional and allergen information.

Itsu senseis will be waiting at the front of house to greet customers and answer any questions.

Students and NHS workers can get 15 per cent off their bill at the end of the day customers can take advantage of the half-price sushi and salads 30 minutes before closing.

This discounted sale helps eliminate food waste.

The new opening also offers 25 new jobs to the local community.

The company said that this year it gave a 13 per cent pay increase to new and existing team members, meaning the minimum pay is £11.50 an hour.

Neil Miller, Chief Customer Officer for Itsu said: “We’re looking forward to adding our Asian-inspired menu to the high street and offering this family-orientated community a convenient and nutritious option in our comfortable dine-in restaurant.

“We’ll also be offering a fantastic new delivery option to Putney’s evolving food delivery scene, ensuring customers can also enjoy our food in the comfort of their own homes."