South West London drivers could be fined by their council for breaking 20mph speed limits for the first time ever.

Wandsworth Council will be the first local authority in the country to dish out fines to drivers breaking the rules on two of the borough’s busiest roads.

The trial scheme will start next week and last for eight months.

The crackdown could be rolled out across the capital if successful, as well as being made permanent in the borough and extended to other Wandsworth roads.

Drivers caught by the Wandsworth speed cameras face £130 fines but no points will be added to their licence.

The crackdown is coming into force on Wimbledon Park Road and Priory Lane after a string of complaints from locals about speeding drivers.

Recent traffic studies over eight weeks revealed one in four vehicles broke the speed limit in Priory Lane while in Wimbledon Park it was one in five, according to the council.

Speeding offences are usually enforced by the Met Police but officers tend to concentrate on main roads and dual carriageways.

The council is now stepping in after revealing most of the complaints received by the authority are about drivers speeding on quieter residential streets.

Council leader Simon Hogg said: “Ensuring drivers stick to the 20mph limit not only improves safety levels and encourages more people to walk or cycle, it helps reduce harmful emissions too.

“Until now, only the Metropolitan Police have had powers to enforce speed limits, but they tend to concentrate their resources on main roads and dual carriageways, whereas most of the complaints we receive are about people driving too fast along quieter residential streets.

“Our pilot scheme will focus on two residential roads where excessive speeds are known to be an issue.

"If judged a success, we will look to make it permanent and carry out enforcement in other parts of the borough where we know vehicle speeds are excessive.”

Drivers breaking the speed limit will be caught on camera and initially sent warning letters.

They will be slapped with £130 fines after this initial period expires, weeks after the scheme launches, with a 50 per cent discount if they pay in 14 days.

They won’t receive penalty points on their licence under the council scheme.

The council will use cash from the fines to fund road safety schemes in the borough.