Clapham residents fear a child will be hit before officials ban speeding drivers from using their streets as a rat run. 

Families living on Klea Avenue and neighbouring streets were told Lambeth Council and Transport for London [TfL] would stop motorists cutting down their one way road within six months in March in a letter from their local MP. 

But nine months later, drivers can still use the street as a short-cut to dodge a congested junction and get onto Clapham Common South Side more quickly. 

Beloved pets have already fallen victim to careless drivers who residents claim race at speeds of up to 60mph down their narrow streets from dawn to dusk.

Locals now fear time is running out to stop motorists before a more serious incident occurs.

Resident Tristam Larder, 43, said: “Residents would like Lambeth and TfL to implement what was promised before a child is hit.

"We have fights, honking and shouting at all times of day and night and local residents verbally abused by frustrated drivers [going] quasi motorway speeds.

"Residents’ pets have been knocked over and killed.”

Mr Larder, who has been calling for action on the issue for five years, added: “We were promised that a no right turn into Klea Avenue from the South Circular would be implemented within six months [in March]. It’s now nine months later and nothing has happened.

"Lambeth blame TfL but local residents don’t care which entity is responsible.

"We just want out kids to be safe.” 

A letter from local Labour MP Bell Ribeiro-Addy to residents of Klea Avenue and Lynette Avenue in March said that the council and TfL had assured her a ‘“no right turn” from the South Circular into Klea Avenue will be put in place within the next six months.’ 

Ribeiro-Addy, MP for Streatham, said she was “disappointed” the measure was yet to be implemented.

Ribeiro-Addy added that she had “raised this issue once again with Lambeth Council” and had urged the local authority to work with TfL to “ensure the trial is implemented as soon as possible.” 

Ben Curtis, Liberal Democrat councillor for Clapham Common and Abbeville branded Labour-led Lambeth Council and TfL’s response to the problem a “failure.”

He said: “Residents are rightly furious after Labour-run Lambeth Council has concocted excuse after excuse for their failure to deliver on this clear promise.

"Lambeth and TfL need to get their act together and finally close this dangerous rat run.”

Traffic counting conducted over a two week period in both 2019 and 2021 showed that over 50,000 vehicles came down Lynette Avenue – including 3,863 trucks and 55 lorries.

Lambeth Council and Transport for London have been contacted.