“I had just sat down with my colleague one Thursday afternoon when Wandsworth Council called to say “we’ve found a potential placement match”...a clinical phrase for a child who’s entered the social care system and needs a safe home. Within 45 minutes, I was cycling home and pulling up to answer a call from the child’s social worker, who said they would be at our flat by 6pm.

By the end of our first day together, my partner Ben and I learned that ‘B’ loved board games, was in top sets at school, but had never heard of WWII and couldn’t use a knife and fork. ‘B’ recently moved to the UK, so as well as adjusting to new homelife with us, he was on a steep learning curve at his new school navigating teenage culture in London, whilst speaking English as a second language.

Learning about what ‘B’ knows and likes and helping him navigate his challenges was enormously beneficial to both us and him. After seven months in our care, ‘B’ returned to his biological family as planned and we still keep in touch.

After a three week break, we welcomed an 11 year old into our home. Building trust is our top priority for creating a positive environment at home. We’ve bonded through play (hours of football!) and model-making. All three of us are looking forward to the Christmas holidays, where we’ve got ambitious plans to build a cardboard city!

Ben and I both work alongside being foster carers, and our employers have been extremely supportive. Ben’s company even introduced a new HR policy to encourage other employees to become foster carers, providing time off where necessary.

In our case, the application and approval process to become carers averaged around three hours a week of interviews and paperwork. As short term foster carers, we’re on hand to look after a child from between two nights to two years. It’s incredibly rewarding, and the challenging moments feel wholly worthwhile".

Lizzie and Ben both age 34

We know that every child is unique and each child deserves the best care in a secure and loving home. We want all our children who are unable to live with their families to be cared for in our local Wandsworth communities. We will look after you, we will support you and your families in the very honourable role of caring for the children who need us most.

Fostering is rewarding. We are looking for individuals and families who are interested in providing a temporary or a permanent home for teenagers.

If you are interested in finding out more about fostering and fostering teenagers for Wandsworth, please give us a call free on 0808 175 3327 or email us fosteringrecruitment@wandsworth.gov.uk or follow us on Facebook Fostering for Wandsworth #lovetoFoster

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