A DOUBLE-decker coach was dropped onto a man’s arm when a lifting device failed.

A man was left trapped within the suspension of a double-decker coach in Hamlet Hill, Rodon, Harlow yesterday.

The coach was being lifted at a work yard with hydraulics when a strut failed, dropping the coach and trapping the man's arm.

Essex Fire and Rescue Service were called to the scene at 11.24am.

Crews from Harlow, Brentwood and an urban search and rescue team were in attendance.

The firefighters were first on the scene and began setting up equipment ready for the medical team's arrival.

It took two hours to release the man as crews worked to cut away equipment to free him safely.

Station Manager Nick Singleton said: "This incident took some time because it was important the equipment was set up safely and all procedures were followed to ensure a safe rescue.

"We really demonstrated multi-agency working at its best today, with firefighters, the East of England Ambulance Service, the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service and our Urban Search and Rescue crew all working together to release the man's arm in the most effective way possible.

"A big thanks to everyone involved - we spent two hours successfully stabilising the casualty, cutting away the equipment and finally releasing him."

The man was left in the care of the Ambulance Service.