Thousands of music fans will be getting ready to sing along this week as Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) will be taking over London's O2 Arena.

Part of the 'Bad Omen's band word tour, 'The 5 Seconds of Summer Show', the group will get the crowd singing, and dancing as they perform a set list filled with fan favourites and huge hits.

5SOS's show will see all members including, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin take to the stage at the O2.

Ahead of The 5 Seconds of Summer Show, fans should check some key information, from door times, seating plans and if you can still get tickets. 

When is 5SOS at London's O2 Arena?

5SOS will be taking over the O2 for one special night this week, on Thursday, October 5.

What time do doors open for 5SOS at London's O2 Arena?

If you're hoping to get a barrier for the show or you just want to be there ready as doors open, you'll want to head to the O2 at 6.30pm.

What is the seating plan for 5SOS London's O2 Arena?

If you're curious as to what your view will be for 5SOS at the O2, you can find out. 

The website gives you a picture or graphic view from your exact location.

See your view via the website

Who is the support act for 5SOS at London's O2 Arena?

5SOS will be supported by two special guests, Charlotte Sands and AR/CO.

Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Charlotte Sands is best known for her hits 'Dress', 'Out of My Head' and more.

AR/CO will also be joining 5SOS, the band have recently been featured as Danny Howard's hottest record on BBC Radio 1 with their hit 'We Could Be Love.'

Wandsworth Times: See what's on near you.See what's on near you. (Image: Newsquest)

What is the set list for 5SOS at London's O2 Arena?

5SOS's set list covers all their big hits and many fan favourites, the group also have a 'dice song' which fans get to decide through a giant dice thrown into the crowd.

The set list is expected to be:

  • Bad Omens
  • 2011
  • Caramel
  • Easier
  • Babylon
  • If Walls Could Talk
  • She's Kinda Hot
  • Amnesia
  • Who Do You Love
  • Vapor
  • Waste the Night
  • Don't Stop
  • Ghost of You
  • Want You Back
  • Disconnected
  • You Don't Go To Parties
  • Me Myself & I
  • Why Won't You Love Me
  • Best Friends
  • Meet You There
  • Teeth
  • Jet Black Heart
  • She Looks So Perfect
  • Outer Space
  • Youngblood

Can you still get tickets to 5SOS?

Tickets for 5SOS went on sale a while ago and if you haven't got tickets yet, you're in luck.

As there are still some tickets available to buy, at the time of writing. 

Prices start at £44.55 and rise to £55.55, it is important to note that many of these tickets are high up.

You can buy tickets via Ticketmaster.