A Tooting man has been handed a three-year community order and banned for owning a dog for three years after his critically ill and pregnant French bulldog died after she was not taken to the vets in time for urgent care.

David Yamoah, 43, of Althorp Road, Tooting, was charged by the RSPCA over neglect that led to the dog’s death.

RSPCA deputy chief inspector Lynn Serrano, in a formal court statement, revealed that on October 1, 2022, BlueCross Victoria Animal Hospital informed her about a grey and tan bulldog that had been admitted in a horrible condition.

Serrano informed the court that “the dog was reported to have been ‘whelping in pain’ without vet treatment."

Cake was in such poor health that she passed away before a vet was able to perform a caesarean section.

Giving further evidence, a vet at BlueCross said Yamoah reached out for medical help two days after Cake had gone into labour.

The dog was transferred to a private vet clinic on September 30, 2022, as she needed urgent referral to the BlueCross hospital but he did not take his dog then and there.

The defendant ended up taking Cake to the animal hospital the following evening.

At that point, the dog was already in a collapsed state, grappling with hypothermia, and severe dehydration.

The vet's statement said: "We tried to stabilise her, but she deteriorated and went into respiratory and cardiac arrest."

A conducted post-mortem showed that along with extreme thinness, Cake was also battling severe lung disease and a major uterine infection, which likely precipitated septic shock.

According to an RSPCA vet who examined the evidence, Cake could have endured pain for several weeks or longer, which was avoidable with standard care and earlier veterinary intervention.

At the hearing, Yamoah expressed regret for his actions, arguing that it was his first offence.

Yamoah did not plead guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to his dog, Cake, by not providing immediate and effective vet care to address her ill-health.

He was found guilty of the charge and also pled innocent to a separate count of not catering to the dog's needs.

The court hearing took place at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court on June 20.

Yamoah must now complete 280 hours of unpaid work.

A District Judge has also subjected him to a Prohibited Activity Order, prohibiting him from owning or caring for a dog for three years as part of his community sentence.

Besides the community sentence, judge also ordered him to pay a victim surcharge of £114 and £322 towards court costs.