This is the moment a hero passer-by chased alleged "muggers" for miles across central London - on his Lime bike. 

Andreas Gündüz, 30, says he spotted the men running through Soho on Saturday (July, 6) and “immediately” knew they were up to no good. 

He gave chase for 20 minutes - pedalling through the busy city while calling 999 and feeding back information to police.

And when the alleged crooks jumped into a black cab, Andreas tailed the car, eventually cycling around 2.5 miles.

Andreas lost sight of the pair when he was told to "stand down" by police at the other end of the phone, he says.

Watch the moment a Lime biker rider chased 'muggers' 

Andreas, a business development executive from Bermondsey, London, said: “I was on my way home through Soho - when I saw two lads running. 

“I knew straight away it was going to be a mugging - or a robbery. 

London isn’t a lawless place - I’ve lived here for three years and never seen anything like this.

“But I started to follow - although I’m not exactly sure what I was going to do.”

Andreas wasn’t sure which lad was running after who - but he witnessed one of them pushing a third man, who was also chasing after them, to the ground. 

He followed the pair all the way from Soho to Camden - and stopped near Koko on the High Street. 

Andreas discussed why he followed the pair.Andreas discussed why he followed the pair. (Image: SWNS)

“It was definitely the adrenaline that made me chase them,” he added. 

“But there’s just such a lack of response from people when this happens.

“Police just aren’t that effective when it comes to petty crime.

“Hopefully, we can do more as a society to stamp it out.”

He says police told him to hand the video into the nearest station as evidence.

The Met Police has been approached for comment.