A campaign group which attempted to expose allegedly misleading photographs of a controversial twin tower development at Clapham Junction station has been threatened with legal action.

The Clapham Junction Action Group (CJAG) received a letter from developers Metro Shopping Fund (MSF) threatening legal action if campaigners distributed leaflets containing an image of the 42-storey towers.

The row stems from a set of photographs mocked up by the developers which - campaigners say - show the development from selective angles, obscuring the true height and scale of the two buildings.

In response CJAG created its own images of the buildings which, they say, is a more accurate depiction of what residents can expect.

Each side has accused the other of producing “misleading” photographs.

MSF claims the campaigners’ image was tampered with and will damage its reputation, while CJAG accused developers of producing images which only show one tower instead of two.

Wandsworth Times: The mock-ups fail to show the true height of the Clapham Junction twin towers, campaigners say
The mock-ups fail to show the true height of the towers, campaigners say

The letter asked the group not to distribute the photo and said: “If you do not comply with Metro’s reasonable request . . . Metro will rely on such conduct as evidence of your malice which is calculated to cause or will result in damage to our client.”

It added: “Accordingly, Metro expressly reserves its right to bring proceedings against you should it be necessary.”

But Kate Williams, a CJAG member who has lived in Battersea for 10 years, said the letter was heavy-handed.

She said: “They have said we have been misrepresenting them but their official photos don’t show the whole story.

“They show beautiful skies and clean images but what a lot of residents don’t understand is that these towers will be 42 storeys, will have landing lights and will cause up to six years of disruption.”

An MSF spokesman said many images of the development were available on its website (theheartofbattersea.co.uk) and added: “Wandsworth Council has circulated a consultation newsletter to 10,000 homes containing images showing the tall buildings from various different views around the local area.”

The scheme, if approved, will create 500 homes as well as a large pedestrianised shopping centre and station improvements, MSF said.

But campaigners argue the towers are too tall, criticised the lack of affordable housing and said station redevelopment should be paid for by rail authorities.

CJAG, in conjunction with the Battersea Society, will discuss the issue at a public meeting on Wednesday, January 28, at Wessex House, 1St John’s Road, Battersea, from 7-9pm.

The planning application is expected to be heard by Wandsworth Council in March.

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