Five boys at Thames Christian College have been selected to dance on ITV show The Feelgood Factor with Myleene Klass.

The Battersea pupils, who have never danced in their lives, are to perform live on TV with Tom Holland, who currently plays Billy Elliot in the west end musical.

The adventure began for the boys when they were visited by Myleene herself during a history lesson in February.

“When Myleene came in they were all big-eyed,” said Fiona Hammond-Green, marketing manager at the school.

"Then she said they’d been selected, and they were high fiving and cheering.

"They were absolutely thrilled, it was so sweet.”

Since then, the boys have been practising a street dance twice a week with Lizzi Gee, who choreographs Billy Elliott the musical.

It is based on a routine from the actual musical, and is so complicated it can take two hours just to learn a few seconds.

But it wasn’t easy selling the dance to the boys - Matthew Stidwill, 13, Ronan Imber, 11, Joe English-Konu, 11, Yonnatan Ghemit, 13, and Theo Mason-Thompson, 11.

Ms Hammond-Green said: “The purpose of the exercise is to show young boys that there’s another way of keeping fit that’s pretty cool.

“When I said it was a dance routine, they thought ballet shoes and tutus, but when I explained it was an angry street dance it made it more appealing.”

The boys formed a group and were selected in an early heat after producers contacted the independent school in Wye Street.

Their progress is being documented by film crews from The Feelgood Factor, which aims to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Tune into ITV1 on Saturday, March 28, at 8pm to see the boys in action.

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