An American-born IT worker hanged herself because she feared she could not cope with the side effects of her prescribed drugs after developing bipolar affective disorder, an inquest heard yesterday.

Lisa Hollingsworth, 38, described living in London as “the best years of her life” in her diary, Westminster Coroner’s Court heard, but found her illness hard to cope with.

In March 2009 she saw her GP after suffering chest discomfort and palpitations and by May had been diagnosed with bipolar manic depression as well as tinnitus and anxiety.

The court heard Ms Hollingsworth, who was born in Indiana and lived in London for nine years, was diagnosed with bipolar after revealing to doctors her boss was trying to poison her and the electricity from lightbulbs in her house was burning her.

Ms Hollingsworth, of Cabul Road, Battersea, was placed on a course of anti-depressants and anti-psychotic drugs, but suffered from side effects.

When police broke through her door on June 30, after being alerted by a neighbour, they found Ms Hollingsworth's body.

The coroner, Dr Shirley Radcliffe, said Ms Hollingsworth knew what she was doing.

“She obviously had a lot of insight into her illness,” she said.

“The evidence is it played on her mind. To the extent she has written something in her diary that she couldn’t face the prospect of life like this.”

One of the last entries in Ms Hollingsworth’s diary, from June 13, read: “Life will go down hill at an enormously increasing rate, not something to look forward to.”

The court heard Ms Hollingsworth had seen a psychologist only a few days before her death but didn’t reveal her true state of mind.

Mrs Radcliffe said: “She was an intelligent women and could have easily disguised this.”

Recording a verdict of suicide the coroner said: “I have no doubt that she did what she intended.”

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