A Battersea resident is growing highly concerned over the number of dangerous dogs in the area after him and his dog were attacked by another last week for the second time in six weeks.

John Whelan, 46, of Glycena Road, was walking his dog, Pixie, along Sisters Avenue near Lavender Hill at around 7pm on November 12, when he saw a Staffordshire bull terrier running across the road towards him.

But he was shocked to see the dog starting to attack his dog, without any provocation.

Mr Whelan said: “It started to attack Pixie and I tried to stop it from ripping her apart.”

“I was taken to the floor and I had hold of it’s collar but it was so powerful, it was about half a foot away from my face.”

When the dog eventually stopped attacking Pixie, Mr Whelan was surprised to see the owner, who he said was in his late 40’s, unapologetic over the incident.

He said: “He just said to me ‘That’s just what dogs do’, he didn’t seem to care whatsoever about what had happened.”

Pixie, a staff/labrador crossbreed, suffered bite marks to her cheek but was not seriously injured in the attack, and Mr Whelan reported the attack at the police station on Lavender Hill, but the case was closed last week due to lack of evidence.

Mr Whelan was also attacked six weeks ago by a young Staffordshire bull terrier, who tried to attack Pixie, and he was bitten on the hand trying to protect her from the vicious dog.

But what Mr Whelan is more concerned about is what sort of damage these dogs could do to those who might not be so able to protect themselves, and is even considering leaving the area if the problem gets worse.

He said: “Who knows what would happen if one attacked a child, they could seriously injure or even kill them.”

A police spokesperson confirmed there had been seven reports of dangerous dogs in the borough since October 11, with three cases pending and the other four being closed due to insufficient evidence.