Students from South Thames College were given the opportunity to increase their awareness of different communities as part of Multi-Faith Week.

The initiative, which took place between January 17-21, aimed to encourage students to learn about the UK’s distinct religions and allowed students the chance to observe how local faith groups and communities can reach out to help each other.

The main activity of the week was an open fair across the college’s two largest campuses at Wandsworth and Merton, which hosted a range of interactive stalls which provided information and expert representatives on varying religions including Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Tariq Bernard of Discover Islam said: “I think Multi-Faith Week is a great idea. It’s desperately needed in current times as there is a lot of confusion and misconception surrounding religion and religious difference.

“We’ve had a lot of interest and we’re here to dispel the myths.”

Louis Kleinman of the Judaism stall added: “The interesting thing is that we all sit together – we’re not divisive.”

South Thames College’s enrichment team is responsible for organising theme weeks such as Multi-Faith Week throughout the year in order to educate students on important issues.

Students attending the fair were very interested in being educated on religious difference.

Electrician student Jason Mittel, 40, said: “Multi-Faith Week is a very good idea. We didn’t have stuff like this in my day.

“It’s forward-thinking and modern and it reveals that socially, the kids in the college are far more interested in religion than we realise.

“I think enrichment and theme weeks like this are great and very necessary for the college. They could supply the same information on a blackboard or online, but doing it this way is far more beneficial. The interactivity of it is great for the kids.”