A baby born 10 weeks premature after his mother was told by doctors she was suffering from the early menopause has come home from hospital.

Matthew Arora was born on Christmas day 2010 after his mother, Anita Arora, 46, was rushed to hospital two days earlier after she found out she was pregnant.

But when it was found baby Matthew was being starved of essential nutrients and could die in the womb, he was delivered by caesarean at 29 weeks and was kept in the neonatal unit at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, for a further six weeks.

After weeks of hospital care, he finally arrived in his family’s Southfields home on February 17 to live with his mum, dad, and two siblings for the first time and is progressing well.

Mrs Arora said: “It is very nice to finally have the whole family at home, and he is getting on very well with his brother and sister.

“The hospital are still keeping an eye on him to make sure he is gaining weight and progressing, but he is still very little.”

When he was born he only weighed 2lbs (0.9kg) but now weighs 5lbs (2.26kg).

The Wandsworth Guardian revealed earlier this year how Mrs Arora claimed she was told on numerous occasions she was not pregnant by her GPs, with them diagnosing her with the early menopause.

But after the shock of giving birth, she made complaints to the General Medical Council and NHS Wandsworth about her treatment by her GPs and these are currently being investigated by both bodies.