Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary today claimed the Government had abandoned the Metropolitan Police (Met) following last month's riots.

Yvette Cooper MP paid a visit to Clapham Junction and Lavender Hill police station this afternoon, where she spoke to police officers to discuss the impact and ongoing implications of the Battersea riots.

She claimed the Government had backed away from a commitment to support the Met, and forces across the country, in meeting the extra policing costs associated with the disturbances.

Ms Cooper said: "It is shocking that at a time like this the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary are leaving the Metropolitan Police and forces across the country in limbo, seriously concerned that the cuts they are already struggling with have been made even worse.

"This summer we needed the police on our streets and they did an incredible job. But now when the Metropolitan Police has a minimum £34m bill in extra policing costs, at a time when they are already set to lose nearly 2,000 officers, the Government has abandoned them.

"We contacted the Home Secretary two weeks ago to ask if the Prime Minister’s pledge to ‘stand behind’ the extra costs for police forces was going to be met, but the only response has been stony silence.

"The Prime Minister needs to keep his promise and overrule the Home Secretary. The police need to know they have the resources and backing to keep the streets safe both now and in future months. David Cameron must urgently clarify where forces stand, and reopen the police spending review which is currently resulting in the loss of over 16,000 officers nationwide."