A woman was thrown out of Wandsworth Town Hall public gallery last night during a riots debate for shouting "Bring back hanging."

The woman stood up during a stormy council meeting debating the aftermath of the riots, evictions and police numbers.

Police officers escorted her outside whilst she banged on the public gallery and shouted: "Bring back public hanging."

Mayor, Councillor Jane Cooper warned people would be told to leave if they continued to disrupt councillors.

Wandsworth's Labour Group called the special meeting in order to urge Conservatives to oppose police cuts.

Councillor Andy Gibbons, deputy leader of Wandsworth Labour Group said: "Wandsworth is short by five police officers. Now is not the time for police cuts in Wandsworth."

Labour Councillor Mark Thomas added: "It is important to look at police numbers, this is what we saw in August - police having to deal with smaller teams."

He acknowledged Wandsworth police officers were helping other forces in London when looters hit the area, and a more organised emergency plan needed to be in place.

Coun Thomas spoke of his shock when a fire fighter was attacked whilst off-duty on Este Road, Clapham and bricks being thrown.

The Labour Group also wants increased public order training for police officers in Wandsworth.

Conservative Councillor Jonathan Cook said the council were increasing police visibility and taking advantage of the Mayor of London's two-for-one Met Police offer.

The policy means the mayor will recruit another officer to patrol the streets for every police officer a borough pays for.

The council said they will continue to evict council house tennants who are involved in anti social behaviour, including families accussed of looting during the riots.

Council leader Ravi Govindia said: "We took the action that was required of us and for that I have no shame."

Members of Wandsworth Against Cuts (WAC) protested outside the town hall before the meeting against the evicitions.

John Clossick, a member of the campaign group said: "This council have said they are going to evict them.

"The problem is that it is Cameron's flagship council, and they could introduce it elsewhere."